When I last left off with my dress, I just had to do the hemming. I always seem to have trouble anytime I hem. One of the reasons I stopped wearing pants at work is that they are always too long and I can never get the length right when I do it myself.

Courtesy of Giphy.

One thing I never thought of was how wide you should be making the hem. This blog showed a few examples of how different weighted fabrics need different widths. I always just hemmed however much I needed to.


This video also offered a lot of good tips for me to consider before taking the plunge, such as measuring all along the hem (not eyeballing it), using chalk to mark and pinning.


IMG_3242Because the fabric I was working with was lightweight I decided to do a double hem.

One of the tricky parts was making sure I did the sleeves the exact same hem length, since I had never sew anything that had two sides (pant legs or sleeves) this was a bit tricky, but I think I got it.

Here is the final product!



I really enjoyed this project. It was a bit frustrating and tedious at times, making sure I had everything just so with the pattern, but in the end I’m glad I did. I know it isn’t perfect, but to be honest I am just shocked and pleased with myself that it came together in some semblance of a dress. I am also pleasantly surprised how helpful all of the online resources I came across were. I really don’t think I could have done it without them (definitely not as successfully). I wonder what I’ll get up to next…


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