Slacktivism, activism, offend-everyoneism?

This Tuesday’s class on social media activism was a really good one for me to [virtually] attend. Being that it is 2017, I have most definitely heard about, seen, perhaps even unconsciously participated in social media activism. As I mention in my title though, I find this type of social media very tricky. Our society seems so sensitive nowadays that you never know when or how you are going to offend anyone. In everything I do, I always just want everyone to get along, in fact my number one strength in Clifton Strengths Finder is Harmony. I get quite irritated when people take things personally and in terms of social media, when viewers seem to think we should all prescribe to the same belief system or causes. It’s unrealistic and even unhealthy that we would all believe in the same things so I’m not sure why certain people find it necessary to argue our beliefs so strongly.

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Along this same point, there is so much negativity online which I believe can also deter people from making a difference online. For example, Katia mentioned how some people or groups were not too happy with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, because it, in essence, took money from other charities due to its popularity. To me, this is just people trying to find something to complain about. I believe it is things like this that can discourage productive conversations about social activism. Speaking for myself, I don’t want to bring up something and then have people criticize me for bringing it up. I don’t know that my skin is that thick! Is there anyone else who feels this way as well?

Having said all this, I do see the merit and value in moving beyond a personally responsible citizen to a participatory or digitally oriented citizen. We have this wonderful tool, the internet and all of its platforms, at our disposal, so I think it is up to us to do our best to use it effectively. Though it may not always be easy or comfortable, (especially for a Harmony person such as myself), baby steps are a good way to start. I feel like I could start by simply sharing a news article, sharing a link for a charity or cause that is important to me. Once I feel comfortable with that, I could move more into social activism. Does anyone else feel like they need to set themselves up a little action plan such as this?

7 thoughts on “Slacktivism, activism, offend-everyoneism?

  1. I like the idea of creating an action plan for oneself. I also like the idea of starting small and building up your comfort level with sharing and posting things online. You also mentioned that one of your strengths is in building harmony. I am similar and as a result I often find myself not engaging which I am starting to realize sometimes sends a message of approval because I did not speak out about something. The tricky thing is sometimes figuring out how to differentiate the big things from the small. You gave me lots to think about. Thanks for your post.

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  2. Marley, I absolutely love the idea of an action plan! I think there would be a lot less impulse and anger online if everyone took a moment to slow down and post with good intention and an educated view. I agree with Chris’ comment too, if we as educators don’t speak up perhaps it is showing approval…it’s such a fine, fine, line. Thanks so much for the post and for the idea. I think I am going to set up some achievable goals for myself so I can get introduced into meaningful conversations and causes online.

    Take care.

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  3. I can relate. I don’t know if you are following news pages such as CNN, BCC, on there many people use sarcastic comments to bring other’s beliefs down and attack each other with strong words. I agree with Dani “there would be a lot less impulse and anger online if everyone took a moment to slow down and post with good intention and an educated view.”


  4. Hi, Marley,
    I like your plan of action, and this is what I suggest my students to follow, by following this our students will be safer online and will gain confidence and will keep their first step toward social activism..


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