Major Project

When Alec first told us about the Major Digital Project, I was quite excited, I love projects and learning new things on my own. But that also kind of left me torn, since most things I want to learn, I have already figure out, eg. knitting, crocheting, basic bike maintenance, or were things that required tools I didn’t have, eg. building a mini dollhouse, intense bike maintenance or were things I thought I might get bored/mentally done with pretty quickly, eg. making a pie or bread that my stomach could handle. One that stuck with me was sewing, I am an okay sewer, meaning, I can sew in a straight line, thread a machine, sew a button on, things like that. I enjoy sewing but I can’t do much beyond those basic skills. Here are some things I have figured out how to sew, thanks to the sewing machine I received as a birthday present a couple years ago and skills my mom taught me when I was younger.

cropped-img_2933.jpg  img_2950.jpg  IMG_2949

As you can see, all have something in common, straight lines and most, four sided. And none required a pattern and are mostly made out of basic cotton. One of my favourite accidental pastimes is browsing the internet for sewing projects I will never do. Why won’t I do them? I don’t know how to follow a pattern, how to sew non-cotton fabric nor do I know how to sew anything besides a straight seam. My sister has a similar pastime, and while her skill level is a bit higher than mine, she doesn’t do patterns either. We always say that one day we will buy some fancy non-cotton fabric, a pattern and make something “cool.” Of course, we never do. But I always think, I am a fairly smart person, and I have some decent skills. I have learned nearly all of my knitting and crocheting skills from youtube and various websites, why couldn’t I figure out sewing? WELL a big hurdle for me will be to move slowly and try to finish it in one day, as I tend to feel like with all my sewing projects. Another hurdle will be learning that mistakes are okay and sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and redo what you just did.

So all this being said, I decided my project will be to complete one or two sewing projects, with the conditions of:

-using a pattern
-sewing with non-cotton fabric

PS This post is actually a few weeks old, I figured out categories yesterday so had to do some copy and pasting. It is the first one in my Major Digital Project category.


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