Finding a Pattern

Major Digital Project- [after too long a break] I am back! As I mentioned, I chose to do a patterned sewing activity for my major project. To get started, I decided

  1. I needed to sew something I would be really excited to have as an end product, because I knew that otherwise there was a strong chance my frustration would outweigh my desire to complete.
  2. I also figured that this project should have some sort of financial investment for me because that too is like a carrot dangling for me (I hate waste). skirt
  3. I also had to accept that the pattern had to be a perfect level difficulty wise. So I was humming and hawing, searching a few of my favourite craft websites for inspiration or something that would seem like a treat for me, I couldn’t really seemto find a good balance. Either projects seemed too easytoo boring or too complicated. I was starting to feel like Goldilocks.

Four straight sides, wouldn’t follow my rules. But I do love skirts. Image courtesy of Colette patterns.

giphy2I decided to take my search to Fabricland in Northgate Mall.  I was thinking okay this is perfect, I’ll get a hard copy of a pattern and won’t have to worry about assembling it like I would have if I bought it online. But disappointingly enough, I didn’t find anything that would fit my criteria. This was getting to be a bit panicsome.

Me wondering why I didn’t think this through more. Via Giphy.

But I guess the stars aligned because I received an interesting package in the mail from my parents. In late August, I had ordered some fabric online and had it delivered to my parent’s house in Palm Springs, long story short, my Delivery Man Dad had been able to pick up and mail it to me in Regina in time! Now at least, I had some fabric.

I worry too much. Via Giphy

I have learned a few things about Instagram and the accounts I follow. One thing I have figured out is hashtags. I knew from following a fabric account called Cotton and Steel that they sometimes have hashtags for certain fabrics. On a whim, I searched the name Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.35.40 AMof the fabric (#magicforestfabric) I ordered, thinking I would just get just some ideas for what I could make with it. Well, lo and behold, I found a dress with the exact same fabric and there were even links on the account where I could find the pattern. After looking at the pattern online, it seemed like something I could figure out, there was interfacing…something I never really have figured out the meaning of and I would have to print and assemble the pattern myself, but what did I care?! I found a perfect pattern for perfect fabric. I added it to my cart and bought it. Next step: printing!



3 thoughts on “Finding a Pattern

  1. I am learning to sew as well (but this is not my learning project) so I will love coming back to your blog to learn more from your findings! I buy fabric from SpoonFlower, an online store, and I love the flexibility of choosing a design to be applied to the kind of fabric I need for a specific project.


  2. I love that there is someone else attempting sewing as their learning project! However, you are much more ambitious than I am for attempting to read and sew by a pattern! I wouldn’t even know where to start. My blanket seems difficult enough and even then, at least I can hide the mistakes I’m bound to make. Can’t wait to see your progress!


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