Teaching in the Digital Age 2

Now there are certainly positives things about teaching in the digital age, they may or may not even outweigh the negative effects I outlined in my previous post. What really got me thinking in the article “Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0” was the idea of a learning community online, and how virtually anyone can become a part of one. In pre-digital area, a person often had to be a certified expert before teaching or engaging in deeper conversation about a topic whereas with the internet and the ability to be connected with the world, any type or knowledge-level of a person can be engaged in conversation or learning about a topic. AND this would be even truer now, considering this article was published almost 10 years ago! I liked the idea of learners being a part of learning rather than just an observer or listener of learning. It reminds me of the way I have shifted my teaching, of course I have my moments of instruction where I am directly teaching a concept to my students, but I have found when I can have them do some of the teaching or the level of thinking to which I am guiding them to, they are all so much more engaged. This also extends to group learning- through which the majority of my day is spent teaching: students collaborate and work with each other in an attempt to meet the learning outcomes.

I watched the video RSA Animate: The Power of Networks, and I found it really interesting. There were a lot of points in it where I had to pause, think about the information being presented before resuming. I think a lot of what was said is true: nowadays we are all interconnected. Learning, knowledge and teaching is not so hierarchical. This is powerful as it gives all of us the ability to learn from and teach one another. I don’t think a lot of us, myself included, realize just how connected we truly are.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 7.33.20 PM.png

Courtney of YouTube.

The final points Manual Lima (the speaker) makes at the end about how we need to think differently really made me think “ah I get it, or at least half get it.” And that is one thing with digital teaching that I struggle with, thinking differently to incorporate it in my teaching and my own professional learning. Our school division has really been pushing the use of the SAMR model in our teaching, encouraging us to incorporate more technology and making it more beneficial for our students. This is really hard for me to “wrap my head around.” There is so much to cover in the curriculum and now we have to come up with tasks to make technology make the experience even richer? I guess it will continue to take more creative thinking and attempting to think, what feels like, on a different level. I know our society is changing and I always say teachers need to adapt their teaching, I guess it is up to me to include technology in that as well!


Image courtesy of Hooked on Innovation.


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